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Top Canadian Credit Counseling Firm Helps Clients Avoid Costly Bankruptcy

BSCC in Canada has experienced high demand in 2017 for its services from Canadian consumers struggling with excessive debt and has assisted hundreds.

July 4, 2017 – Surrey, BC


During the first half of 2017, one of the top Canadian credit counselling firms, BSCC (Business Solutions & Credit Counselling Services), has been able to help hundreds of clients to prevent filing for bankruptcy. This includes clients that were facing business bankruptcies as well. Due in part to the tougher economic times in recent years, many Canadians have found their levels of debt are increasing to what has been referred to as record levels of household debt by the Canadian Government. Many are not receiving pay increases that are adequate to meet the rising cost of living and their skills at managing money are not sufficient for their current circumstances.

So far, this year, BSCC has been able to successfully help hundreds of people avoid bankruptcy in spite of the fact that those clients had very little savings and their debt was significantly in excess of their ability to pay. One of the counsellors, Avineet Kalsey, stated that “it’s important for individuals and families to seek professional counselling before it’s too late. Many debtors simply try to avoid thinking about their situation but doing so will not help them. We can reduce their debt burden by up to 90% very quickly and all they need to do is book a free consultation with us to find out how their specific situation can be resolved.”

Over the last several years both government and consumer spending along with debt have all gone up in Canada. Poor money management has led to an increase in consumers using credit cards for regular daily expenses that are not appropriate for credit use in most cases. The misuse of credit cards and other forms of debt can quickly lead consumers into a situation where they simply cannot make their monthly payments.

Avoiding unnecessary debt or using credit cards for daily expenses are examples of poor money management that can be avoided, and something that BSCC has been helping Canadians with for many years now. Anyone who is experiencing difficulties in understanding how to better manage their money and keep themselves away from the need to file for bankruptcy should consult a professional counsellor who can help set parameters and guide them in developing a personal money management plan. A professional counsellor can help clients to get out of debt faster. Kalsey explains further that “our Clients are often amazed at how quickly their financial situation can turn around with the right actions taken and guidance from our counsellors. We get them back on track and along with that comes the burden of stress off their shoulders, and they often comment to us that they shouldn’t have waited so long to make that free call.”

BSCC routinely helps clients consolidate their debt into a payment that is manageable and helps them to establish good monthly practices and a personal budget they can follow to keep themselves and their families from getting in more debt. Banks and other types of traditional financial institutions are simply not equipped to offer this type of help to consumers. They are in the business of putting people into debt but a counselling firm is there to help their clients reduce and eliminate that debt.

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