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Top Canadian Credit Counseling Firm Adds New Office Locations

Business Solutions & Credit Counselling Services expands to Winnipeg to serve clients from Central Canada and provide greater coverage & availability.

Source:?? 6, 2017 – Surrey, BC — Business Solutions and Credit Counseling Services (BSCC) has been assisting thousands of Canadians to reduce their burden of debt and avoid bankruptcy for the past 20+ years across Canada. The company is regarded as one of the leading players in the credit counseling market in Canada. BSCC has helped thousands of people across the country to dramatically reduce their debt load and avoid both personal and business-related bankruptcies with their effective programs and counseling services. The company is expanding their business across Canada with offices in Toronto, Surrey, Calgary, Abbotsford, Edmonton, and now Winnipeg – the latest addition to their Canada-wide coverage. In addition, BSCC recently moved to a more spacious office location in Edmonton – which indicates the growing demand for their services among clients in these regions.

BSCC consists of a passionate team of financial and legal experts who have more than 25 years of combined experience in consumer credit rights and relevant laws. The company offers guidance and solutions to consumers who are deep-rooted in debt and on the verge of declaring bankruptcy ??? both personal and/or business. BSCC’s credit counseling experts can help the client pay off and dramatically reduce outstanding debts, improve their credit situation, improve their financial status, and improve the quality of life as a result. The company offers many credit counseling programs to help clients representing a wide section of Canadian society such as students, business owners, executives, employees, professionals, and families.

Student loan debt is one of the biggest problems affecting the Canadian society right now. The country has one of the highest rates of??student loan debt, including personal household debt. ??With the high cost of education continuing to increase regularly in Canada, the prospects facing students as they exit college or university are concerning.?? It???s a situation that the credit counselors at BSCC see often and are well-equipped to provide solutions for.?? Other types of debt issues such as CRA or tax debt are also commonplace and BSCC has effective remedies for those clients as well.?? Canadians as a whole are carrying??record levels of household debt??and this is troubling as interest rates have begun to rise in recent months.

With their company expanding into new areas of the Country and offering their unique brand of solutions to a rampant problem affecting thousands of Canadians, BSCC is well-positioned to continue its lead in this industry which shows no signs of slowing down.?? The high cost of living and high tax burden facing many Canadians creates a perfect storm of financial hardship that BSCC wants to provide solutions to and educate clients on a better way of managing personal and business finances. With their new Winnipeg location, clients from central Canada will be well-served and BSCC will have better nationwide coverage overall to assist more people with debt matters.

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