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Premier Canadian Credit Counseling Company Announces Record Year for 2011

WEBWIRE – Wednesday, February 01, 2012

The leading financial counselling and credit counselling for bankruptcy company in Canada, Business Solutions & Credit Counselling Services (BSCC), is announcing a record level of success for the 2011 year. The company has been a dominant player in the Canadian marketplace from coast to coast, assisting thousands of people with matters of excessive credit card debt and avoiding bankruptcy for many years. During 2011, they have been able to assist a record number of clients to avoid bankruptcy and assist them with regaining financial stability once again.

The company president, Arvinder Kalsey, has been a regular guest of several local radio stations where he has given solid advice on many financial matters that are relevant to today’s economic times. Mr. Kalsey has assisted clients who call into the radio interview shows the ability to consider other options that they either were not aware of or did not think applied to their situation. It’s precisely in these situations that position Mr. Kalsey and his company, BSCC, as the go-to choice for Canadians facing troubling financial matters. More information about debt relief can be found on their website.

Not only has BSCC been able to provide timely options for clients to consider and avoid bankruptcy, but they also can negotiate with creditors and design a plan to reduce debt to an affordable level. This allows clients to live life normally once again without the threat of financial ruin and preserves their credit rating due to not having to enter bankruptcy.

BSCC has multiple office locations across Canada which allows them to serve clients from coast to coast. Their office locations are located in Vancouver (Surrey), Calgary, and Toronto. There are expansion plans for a 4th office to open early this year, in 2012. At the current rate of growth, we can expect to see more successes during this New Year.

WEBWIRE  Monday, December 19, 2011

Recently, the President of Business Solutions & Credit Counselling Services (BSCC. ca), Arvinder Kalsey, was featured as a guest speaker on Omni Punjabi News once again and has been a regular guest on the program discussing financial matters important to Canadians especially at this time of year.

Mr. Kalsey has been a key figure in the local community and also across Canada for many years now, assisting Canadians with issues such as credit counselling for bankruptcy and reducing credit card debt. The topics discussed were timely and in keeping with the season when many people choose to take on a higher debt load than is prudent, and then face a harsh reality in the early New Year when the bills come in. Arvinder also covered the recent figures announced by Statistics Canada regarding the debtor servicing percentage has gone up by 5% compared to this time last year. He said it was also expected that Canadians will be spending over 10% more compared to last year. More information about debt relief can be found on their website.

BSCC has very highly trained and qualified counsellors to help with financial problems such as unmanageable credit card debt and can greatly assist when a client has found themselves in a troubling situation that appears to have few options other than declaring bankruptcy. With their proven program, BSCC can work with a client and their creditors to reduce their monthly payments to something more affordable, while at the same time avoiding the debilitating and often humiliating process of bankruptcy.

For additional information please visit BSCC – A Canadian owned and operated credit counselling company that has been assisting Canadians with avoiding bankruptcy for many years.