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Toronto – 905-789-8984
Vancouver – 604-951-8984
Calgary – 403-714-8984
Edmonton- 780-716-8984
Winnipeg – 204-962-8984
NationWide – 1-866-790-8984


Calgary Location

#218-3132, 26 Street NE
Calgary, AB, T1Y 6Z1
Tel: 403-714-8984
Fax: 604-951-8983


BSCC has been awarded a “Best in Calgary” award for ‘best debt consolidation service’!  See more here!

Ever wondered how to solve your financial concerns if you have nowhere to turn for answers and live in the Calgary or surrounding area, Business Solutions & Credit Counselling Services or (BSCC) is your ideal answer. Credit counselling refers to assistance extended to an individual in solving the debt problem no matter your financial circumstances. The assistance may involve using several tools such as educating, budgeting and financial management tips.

Our confidential services include:

Rebuilding your credit – It involves educating an individual on how to have a good debt rating. The rebuilding requires a lot of input from the person with BSCC guiding you every step of the way. It primarily involves things that affect your debt rating and tips on how you should be a good manager with your finances.

Credit management – BSCC debt counsellors will offer you a personalized repayment plan for your prevailing debts that suits your income. Debt counsellors will take you through several steps from sticking to the plan to repaying the debt.

Bankruptcy evasion – BSCC will help you understand when bankruptcy is good and when it is bad for depending on your debt situation. With seasoned credit counsellors, declaring bankruptcy can be a viable solution if the situation is worsening though it is not the only option.

Consumer proposal – It involves consulting with your creditors in repaying your debts where mostly it leads to repaying lesser outstanding debt amount. It’s a win-win situation where creditors also agree to write off the rest of your debt.

Debt settlement – It involves deeper negotiation between the creditor and the debtor to reduce the debt by lowering the total amount. It is the best preference if you are in a deep financial constraint. BSCC debt negotiators will greatly relieve you from your debts with their experienced negotiation skills.

Don’t suffer from extreme financial hardship or worries over whether you will have to declare bankruptcy and lose the assets you’ve worked so hard to attain. BSCC can provide you with real options that will ease your mind and get you back on track once again.  Contact us at 403-714-8984.