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Canadian Credit Counselling Firm Announces Free Consultations

Avineet Kalsey and his team at Business Solutions Credit Counselling Services has recently announced that they will be giving free initial consultations.

November 28, 2017


Toronto, Ontario — A certified BIA credit counsellor from one of Canada’s most reputable credit counselling firms has recently announced that they will be providing free consultations. To celebrate their success and to give back to their clients for their never-ending patronage, Avineet Kalsey and the team at Business Solutions & Credit Counselling Services (BSCC) will be serving consumers’ initial consultations with no charges.

Business Solutions & Credit Counselling Servicesis a registered credit counselling firm which has been in the industry for over 20+ years. They have already assisted tens of thousands of consumers in absolving their financial burdens. BSCC is known for developing innovative and effective programs to solve their client’s financial problems. They work with their clients individually which means that there will be no problems with scheduling and each program is specifically designed to meet the needs of each client. Clients are in good hands with BSCC, as they offer a money-back guarantee.

When asked why their credit counselling firm was offering free consultations, here’s what Certified BIA Credit Counsellor Avineet Kalsey had to say: “When you’re in financial hardship, oftentimes you are stressed out about many other things in your life including finances. And that, in fact, deters your ability to think clearly and prevent you from being able to negotiate the debts down in your best capacity on your own. So that’s where an individual can seek help from a credit counselling company like ours without worrying to pay for an initial consultation.”

BSCC serves the whole nation of Canada. They havemultiple officesstrategically located to make it easier for consumers to visit them. They have offices conveniently located across Canada including Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Abbotsford and Vancouver (Surrey). For clients who are far from cities where their offices are located, they also have the option to have one of their certified credit counsellors come to the client’s vicinity to consult about their financial problems.

What is Credit Counselling?

Many Canadians eventually go through rough days where they need to resort to using their credit resources to pay the bills. Some are able to pay their debts back, but some are left with piled up bills and overdue mortgages. According to, having high debt can lead to depression and other emotional issues. It usually happens when people with debt constantly think about their debt all the time. Credit counselling is one of the best ways to prevent such a mishap.

Credit counsellingis a process wherein debtors are assisted in settling their credit through a systematic program. These include educating the debtor about the need to know information about settling their debts, teaching proper budgeting, and use of multiple tools and programs to reduce the debt and eventually extinguish the debt.

In hisfull interview, Avineet Kalsey mentioned that credit counselling firms such as BSCC act on behalf of their clients to negotiate with the creditors in goals of resolving debt. They work for their client, not for the creditor and they will do everything they can to reduce the debt to the lowest possible value.

For anyone who is in need of credit counselling, Business Solutions & Credit Counselling Services (BSCC) is offering free consultations. Call their main office at 905-789-8984 or via their nation-wide phone number at 1-866-790-8984. Visit their official website at Don’t wait for the debt to pile up! Solve financial problems while it is still manageable.