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Is Bankruptcy lurking in your mind?

The word Bankruptcy has a negative connotation and is feared by everyone who is struggling financially. But sometimes, it can be an option depending on your situation. Your BSCC counselor will help you understand the implication and consequences and whether you can avoid bankruptcy. So you can make an informed decision if you are considering this option.

What is it?

This is a legal process that requires certain criteria be met. Under the right conditions, this option can become available for an individual who is unable to pay their debts and who does not have enough assets which they could sell to then turn around and use those proceeds to pay down what they owe to their creditors.

Under what conditions should it be considered?

First of all, for anyone who is new to the tools of correcting debt overload, it is important to understand that it is not always the only course of action you might have available to you.

When you cannot pay down your bills, there are some times when declaring bankruptcy is a viable option, but more often, there may actually be other options available that leave you in a much better position for rebuilding your credit and shorter term credit recovery. All of this means that there are critically important knowledge factors that you need to learn about. And because there is so much Canadian Law involved, and so much to learn if you want to end up with the least expensive solution, that the shortest pathway to financial problem resolution or credit card relief is to speak with a seasoned credit counseling expert so that you don’t make the kind of mistakes that can cost you thousands of dollars by going through the process of debt recovery on your own, and where you could actually make matters worse for yourself.

And that brings us to a much more important consideration.

What is most important to YOU?

At the end of the process to credit repair, loan consolidations, or credit card repair, or any kind of financial recovery planning, it is not just important to have received proper coaching and assistance from someone who is knowledgeable, but the one thing we’ve been told that sets us apart from other financial counseling companies that do the same sort of work we do, is the way we handle each and every client with respect, empathy for their circumstances, and with dignity. Therefore, be very deliberate about who you choose to have help you and show you how to avoid bankruptcy, because we believe the most important role of good financial coaching is in the way you treat people — which is a point other Debt Recovery Companies often miss because they are either unsympathetic to your feelings or are perhaps focused more on how much they can make from being your agent.

We want you to know that our mission is truly helping people in a way where you know we are listening to you, and by showing you a credit repair process that is empathetic and understanding of the conditions of your own personal situation, and the reasons you ended up where you are today.

One fix does not fit all!

At BSCC, we not only understand that no two people’s financial circumstances are the same but more importantly we emphasize the need to be respectful of each and every individual client’s need to have someone who can see things from their perspective and if at all possible, help you to AVOID Bankruptcy and all of the associated credit history problems that could leave you with. We are the one company who will listen to your own personal concerns and help you stand up for your rights by guiding you away from the pitfalls of under-educated choices and show you the best plan of recovery for your own specific financial challenges. Sometimes this means working with one specific creditor more than others, while sometimes our greatest achievements come simply out of demonstrating that we are the kind of people who will take the time to work with you at that very private and personal level your conditions require so that you know in your heart you have discovered a trustworthy and supportive advocate and friend.

When you come to BSCC, who you are matters to us! So rather than talk endlessly here about what your options might be and perhaps cause you unnecessary confusion, what we’d like you to know is that when you come in to see us, you may start off feeling a bit intimidated, or perhaps cautious and confused, but when you walk away, you will leave knowing you have a new friend who you can trust with your financial recovery plan, and who will also show you how to avoid ever finding yourself back in this place ever again.

By far, the best thing you can do is to become better informed. Which means from this very second, you can continue to spend precious days and hours desperately seeking answers on your own, or you can make one FREE call right now, and immediately begin to shield yourself from those harassing calls of debt-collectors, and STOP the process of those ongoing additional interest charges TODAY. You can become debt-free and pay off credit card debt, and move on with your life.

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