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They helped me get my bills all in order so I only had to make one payment. When I went I was a mess. I couldn't get out from under my bills. The best thing I did is consolidation making one payment instead of several payments. I have talked to other people about avineet not sure if they have contacted him or not but he helped me. He was a total professional and understood what I was going threw and how easy it is to get behind in everything. Thanks for all your help

Jon-Paul Jones

Mr. Avineet Kalsey and his team is the Best organization to solve business problems, we appreciate their Job. Thanks

Channi Kaur

Mr. Kalsey in Surrey helped our family avoid a very bad situation with possible bankruptcy and got us back on track again. I was able to get my debt under control and now it's almost gone, and am even rebuilding a good credit rating again. BSCC is very helpful - thank you so much!

Travis Henderson

Highly recommend your company and help to settle all my debts.

Junnie DC

Highly recomend your compny.for the wonderful counciling, guidelines, and support.Thank you for relieving the stress in my life.

Naushad Premji

Business solutions is such a great organization. Professional service and very friendly. These guys know what they doing. I was in bad situation and the way he dealt with my case Was so professional. Hats off to Avinnit. Thank you and God Bless.

Indha Dhaliwal

Really helpful group of people - they take the time to educate you on your financial options and share solutions that the banks just don't want to because it isn't in their best interest. Highly recommended!

Daryl Osborne

Avineet and his team really helped me get my debt situation under control. I was going nowhere fast, paying as much as I could but falling behind. BSCC came highly recommended from a friend who had their help after a divorce and looming bankruptcy, and I'm really happy I met them. I'm in much better shape now and almost debt free which is incredible - thanks BSCC!

Shari Trebonluk